DELIVERING value through the 4-step process

The Goal: 100% Clean, 100% Complete, 100% On Time

STERIS Professional Services Group Process Improvement Services can help your Sterile Processing Department deliver 100% Clean, 100% Complete and 100% On Time surgical instrument sets. STERIS Professional Services Group is experienced in designing and maintaining Sterile Processing Departments' workflow to adhere to clinical standards, develop competent staff and stay within budget. From initial assessments to hands-on improvement work, STERIS Professional Services Group gives you the ability to handle increased surgical volumes in a professional and productive environment.

Value Delivered Examples

STERIS Professional Services Group focuses on delivering value that is measurable and real. From improving OR satisfaction and labor utilization to increasing the Sterile Processing Department's ability to effectively meet their customer requirements and regulatory compliance, STERIS Professional Services Group gives you results sooner and better than doing it yourself.

Metric Value Delivered
OR Staff Satisfaction 30% Increase in Satisfaction
OR Labor Time Savings 15 Minutes per Case
SPD Daily Tray Throughput 60% Increase in Throughput
Tray Backlog in SPD 80% Reduction in Trays in Backlog in SPD
% Complete Case Carts 28% Improvement in Complete Case Carts
SPD Quality Errors 40% to 89% Reduction in Errors
Missing Instruments 50% Reduction in Sets Missing Instruments
Instrument Reprocessing Cycle Time 50% Reduction in Turn Time
SPD Productivity 20% to 35% Increase in Staff Productivity
SPD Staff Satisfaction 30% Increase in Satisfaction

4-Step Process

STERIS Professional Services Group utilizes a 4-Step Process to deliver and sustain measurable value. From the Assessment to the on-going Sustainability, our process ensures that your investment in sterile processing provides a return that lasts. By following the steps outlined below, STERIS Professional Services Group gives you results sooner and better than doing it yourself.

4-Step Process - Assess, Improve, Measure and Sustain

We assess how your department works today through a series of assessments. Assessments last from 1 -2 weeks. Here we identify opportunities for improvement at a high level, deep dive, or specialized strategic assessment built upon your needs.

Improvement projects are customized to fit the hospital's needs. Whether focused on leadership coaching, quality systems, or process improvement and staff training, STERIS Professional Services Group's approach meets the customer where the need is.

Measurements are key in not only identifying current needs but in ensuring the department continues on it's course of improvement. Measurements also help ensure that STERIS Professional Services Group's customers receive value for their money by documenting the improvements made.

An investment must be sustained. STERIS Professional Services Group assists hospitals with organizational development to ensure the operational culture accepts the improvements and embraces the changes implemented. We offer periodic audits or "health checks" as well to ensure your team is focused and on the right track.

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