STERIS Professional Services Group

STERIS Professional Services Group

STERIS Professional Services Group provides sterile processing workflow solutions to healthcare providers.

Our experts can help you:

  • optimize your sterile processing department
  • empower your staff with training and education
  • give your management team the special set of skills
    needed to manage the sterile processing department

After working with STERIS Professional Services Group, you will be able to handle not only your current surgical instrumentation reprocessing needs, but you will be well prepared for the future.

Is my SPD in compliance with industry standards? How do i keep up with OR demands? Do I have enough instrument trays to meet my OR needs? How do I manage loaner trays? How do I assess staff competencies and staff education? How do I deal with instrument sets that are delivered incomplete, not on time, or not sterile? How do I calculate my renovation budget needs? How do I decrease flash sterilization? How do I get administration to help me improve my SPD to support new ORs? How do I avoid costly instrument repair? How do I know if I have the right mix of equipment in my SPD? Can you help me forecast my SPD needs 10 years from now?