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STERIS Defense & Industrial Decontamination Solutions

STERIS's Defense and Industrial Group is able to provide a suite of solutions to meet most chemical and biological decontamination needs. The suite includes low logistics chemistries that can be mixed at point and time of use, multi-purpose wipe for immediate and operational decon of equipment, and gaseous decontamination systems for sensitive equipment, vehicles (land, sea and air), and interior spaces of building and shelters.

Chemistries & Consumables

Chemistries & Consumables

Gaseous Decontamination

Gaseous Decontamination Systems

Gaseous Decontamination

Gaseous Decontamination Technologies

FlexD® Decontaminant

CeBeR™ Multi Purpose Wipes (CeBeR MPW)
For Military Use

First Responder Products

NTDS Decontamination System

CBDS Decontamination System

TCRWADS Decontamination System



BioThermal Decontamination (BTD)

Hot Air Decontamination (HAD)