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Our Goals - Save Water
Save Water

We pledge to continue to design intelligently-engineered sterile processing equipment.
STERIS enables our Customers to reduce water consumption while maintaining the utmost
efficacy in cleaning and sterilizing.

Vision 1321
Vision® 1321/1327 Series Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector
  • Lowest water consumption per fill of any washer on the market
  • Recycles 70% of water during each cycle (excludes instrument cycle)
  • 10-minute cycles reduce utility consumption compared to previous models
  • Utilizes Ultra Concentrates to use less chemistry per cycle compared to
    non-concentrated formulations
Your Goals are Our Goals

Part of our commitment to environmental stewardship includes aligning our goals with those of our Customers.

Our Goals - Save Water Our Goals - Conserve Energy Our Goals - Recycle Our Goals - Minimize Waste Our Goals - Prevent Pollution Our Goals - Grow Company-Wide Practices