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Our Goals - Recycle
Recycle and Reuse

We will continue using recyclable raw materials in our product designs, and to expand our recycling programs throughout our global operations. STERIS enables Customers to extend the useful life of surgical and sterile processing products by repairing, refurbishing and/or remanufacturing, thereby reducing costs and minimizing waste.


AMSCO® C Series Certified Pre-owned Sterilizers
  • Refurbished sterilizers meet all AAMI standards
AMSCO® Remanufactured 3080-R Surgical Table
  • Restored to OEM standards through the use of a standardized, comprehensive checklist and original STERIS parts, as required.
  • Meeting the applicable UL/CSA/IEC safety standards
Your Goals are Our Goals

Part of our commitment to environmental stewardship includes aligning our goals with those of our Customers.

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