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At STERIS, environmental stewardship inspires us to reinvent the way we innovate and operate. As part of the global community, we're committed to providing our Customers with environmentally responsible solutions that help them meet their goals, so they can focus on what they do best - providing the highest quality patient care.

Our Approach

Balancing Quality Healthcare with Environmental Responsibility
For decades, the healthcare industry has been in the midst of a difficult challenge: As the quality of healthcare has increased, so has the amount of waste that is generated. Today, industry analysts estimate that 40% of that waste comes from hospital operating rooms. Healthcare facilities also have the highest water and energy consumption rates when compared to most other industries.

At STERIS, our Environmental Stewardship Initiative encompasses our products and solutions, Company operations and social responsibility. We are committed to helping protect the environment and communities in which we operate.

STERIS strives to make every effort to:

DESIGN products so as to consider their environmental impact during production, use, and disposal.

INTEGRATE environmental considerations into our business activities, and establish and maintain an environmental management system.

COMPLY with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations, and corporate standards.

WORK CONSTRUCTIVELY with trade associations,
government agencies, and others to develop equitable
and realistic laws, regulations and standards that
protect human health and the environment.






IMPLEMENT pollution prevention programs to
reduce waste and the consumption of natural
resources (materials, fuel, and energy).

EDUCATE AND TRAIN employees regarding
environmental sensitivity and awareness.

COMMUNICATE our commitment to environmental
excellence to our employees, customers, suppliers,
and the communities in which we operate.