STERIS Statement on Its Anti-Corruption Policies
and Procedures

STERIS is committed to conducting its business fairly, honorably, with integrity and in compliance with the law in all jurisdictions where it operates.

STERIS policy prohibits bribery of (or attempted bribery), or other inappropriate transfers of value to, any individual or entity. No STERIS officer, director, employee, dealer, distributor or agent may authorize, pay, promise or offer to give anything to any individual or entity in order to improperly influence that individual or entity for any business advantage. Individuals covered by STERIS policy shall not request or authorize any third party to make any such payment, promise or offer. Such behavior may constitute bribery and is unacceptable conduct wherever STERIS conducts business. This policy applies regardless of whether the recipient of the inappropriate value transfer is a government employee.

STERIS policy requires that third-party business relationships entered into for the purpose of selling the Company’s products or services must comply with the requirements set forth in STERIS policy, including appropriate diligence of the third party and compliance by the third party with ethical business practices. In accordance with our policy, STERIS engages a third-party due diligence firm to perform background checks, including bribery and corruption, before entering into commercial relationships with sales and marketing intermediaries, and other service providers.

STERIS regularly assesses the risks associated with its business, including the risk of potential corruption or bribery in the environments where we do business, and we have designed our management systems to respond accordingly. As part of STERIS’s anti-corruption program, STERIS employees and third-party intermediaries receive comprehensive anti-bribery and anti-corruption training online and in-person. The training covers the various forms that corruption can take, red flags, and individuals’ roles in STERIS’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption efforts.

STERIS communicates its bribery and corruption policies and expectations to its officers, directors, employees, dealers, distributors and agents. It is the expectation of the Company that all of the aforementioned individuals comply with these requirements set forth by STERIS and relevant rules and regulations. Any individual who suspects a violation of STERIS’s policies regarding bribery and corruption are encouraged to report using STERIS’s Integrity Helpline or Integrity Webline.

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