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SYSTEM 1E® Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System

Integral in the perioperative loop, SYSTEM 1E Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System is designed to improve the flow of the OR with minimal costly inventory and increased productivity, allowing maximum surgical procedures with reduced resources. In 23-minutes, you're ready for the next procedure.

Liquid chemical sterilization provides fast reprocessing ease for cleaned, reusable, immersible, and heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. S40™ Sterilant Concentrate is a powerful liquid chemical sterilant that eliminates all microbial life. Its compact footprint makes SYSTEM 1E processor convenient and ideal for a variety of locations. The use-dilution is neutral pH, and rinses safely down the drain. The SYSTEM 1E processor performs two quick rinse cycles, reducing energy and water consumption.

Running a 23-minute cycle, the SYSTEM 1E processor minimizes device downtime between patients. Two pre-filters, UV irradiation and a MaxPure™ filter work in harmony with S40 Sterilant Concentrate as a validated process for critical and semi-critical, heat sensitive devices. This gentle use-dilution protects delicate surgical instruments, including multi-channel flexible surgical endoscopes. Providing a high standard of patient care, whether it’s in your OR or GI department, the SYSTEM 1E processor will help you process your devices with confidence.

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S1E Method of Action Video:

S1E Method of Action Video (Condensed Version - 2:52)

SYSTEM 1E 23 Minute Cycle

Extensively treated potable water enters the processor through a
3-Step Treatment Process

Treated water mixes with S40 Sterilant Concentrate, a peracetic acid germicide, creating a powerful use-dilution to process the devices

6-Minute Exposure Phase eliminates all microbial life

Use dilution rinses safely down the drain

2 extensively treated rinse phases remove chemical residues

Automated MaxPure Filter Integrity Test confirms that the filter operated successfully

Validated critical and semi-critical heat-sensitive devices are ready for immediate use.

*General processing time. Actual time may vary based on Customer utilities and other conditions.